Who are We ?

What is the meaning behind 12?

The number 1's meaning of course being ONE (First)

The number 2 stands for a (Pair) but also can be translated to a (Unit) Or (Union)

Putting both together to combine (ONE UNIT) Or Union. (Entire Unit)


Division: is to sperate. We are separating ourselves from the rest.

Division to us, is an Organization. (A team)

The only Objective we have here at TWELFTH DIVISION STREETWEAR

Is to promote Positivity, Prosperity and Peace.

Among those who seek this lifestyle.

For Dreamers that seek to achieve their goals.

We don’t just Dream about it. We actively seek, work, and Ultimately achieve our goals.

We don’t follow. (Not in the sense of social media. Etc.) But in the meaning of following what others tell us. We should think a certain way. Act a certain way, be certain way to please others.

We create our own lanes, write our own stories, Achieve own Goals.

There will always be opposition (resistance). Just as there will always unity (harmony)

We are Twelfth Division Streetwear – (United)

We Lead the Pack.